Andhra Pradesh Budget FY 2024-25: AP Govt Presents Interim Budget of Rs 2.86 Lakh Crore

AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy

Andhra Pradesh Budget FY 2024-25: AP Govt Presents Interim Budget of Rs 2.86 Lakh Crore

Andhra Pradesh Budget FY 2024-25

The Andhra Pradesh Budget FY 2024-25 has recently announced, which estimated Rs. 2,86lakh crore total outlay. This budget also indicates the government’s desire to focus more and listen as carefully on welfare schemes alongside meeting the needs of its people. With general elections fast approaching,the government seeks to maintain its attention on social benefits while detailing how funds can be prudently allocated elsewhere. So, it is presumed that the interim budget session will have enough time before February 10 to commence so that its discussion and debate can take place with ease.

Focusing on Welfare Schemes

Andhra Pradesh Budget FY 2024-25 agenda of inclusive growth and development, the Andhra Pradesh government is anticipated to prioritize welfare schemes further in the next budget. The flagship programs – the Navaratnas have done a splendid job of transforming lives by providing critical support and encouragement for making personal progress. The government continues to implement these initiatives and even {intends}to widen the coverage, such that all beneficiaries throughout the state enjoy Andhra Pradesh Budget FY 2024-25 benefits.

Budget Outlay for 2023-24

During the last fiscal year, Andhra Pradesh government sanctioned budget outlay of Rs. 279,279 crore with main portion was incurred on welfare schemes falling under Navaratnas category. The estimate digest shows that expected revenue expenditure was Rs 2,28540 crore while capital expenditure budgeted for the year was given as Rs.31061crores. It put the fiscal deficit on Rs 54,587 crore which was equivalent to 3.77 percent of Gross State Domestic Product or productive capacity output (GSDP). With this in mind, the government will use 2015/2016 as a fiscal year to build on these initial roots and thus make their welfare programs more effective.

Progress and Achievements

Andhra Pradesh has made remarkable progress in different fields since Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy came into the leadership of this state and this improvement is seen during last three years or so only To do so, as the budget presentation date approaches, this is what state government intends to achieve. The government attempts to promote its policies of good governance, economic development and social welfare through a comparison between the steps accomplished during it reign against what had been achieved in previous five years.

Strengthening the Economy

Measures to reinforce the state’s economy and encourage sustainable development are anticipated in interim budget. The government acknowledges the role played by a robust economic framework and wishes to emphasize on policies that encourage investments, promotion of entrepreneurship and job creation. Through the prioritization of sectors like agriculture, logistics, and infrastructure development by observing them as a favorable environment to give businesses an excellent opportunity for their growth. Growth that will also contribute in terms of progress towards states advancement

Financial Prudence

Although the government continues to support welfare initiatives, it also realizes that there is need for prudence and best fiscal management. In terms of the budget, it will demonstrate well-consider planning with even proportion for spending towards welfare schemes and other key areas like infrastructure development behavior education as health public services. Such strategic allocation of resources will help the government to derive as much value from its investment and provide a platform for an endering sustainable financial foundation on behalf of my state.

Employment Generation

One of the major goals that have been identified by the government as far as andhra pradesh is concerned,. Strategies of short-term budget to be addressed by introduction job creation stimulators in various industries. Unemployment is offered to be addressed through enhancing entrepreneurship, skill development and industrial investments will generate a high employment potential in these sectors. As it offers youth the capacity to become essential players towards any growth of their state story presently during rural India focus

Infrastructure Development

Such investments in infrastructure are vital to pushing the economy forward and making lives better. This is a fact that the Andhra Pradesh government acknowledges as it has been stated to be committed towards spending funds on infrastructure development projects in future budget project. Public sector investments in road, bridges, ports and airports as well other such critical infrastructure that boost connectivity for trade are covered here.

Education and Healthcare

The interim budget will also have a key emphasis on strengthening the education as well as healthcare sectors which are considered to be two major foundations developing of whole state. By that, the government plans to allocate adequate budget on better quality of education where healthcare facilities and infrastructure is improved in schools ad hospitals. The government through this move wants to see all citizens accesss quality education and have basic health facilities.

Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture forms the core of Andhra Pradesh’s economy, and this has not been lost sight by the government that appreciates need for sustainable agricultural practice. The budget will also take care of the funding aspects by allocating funds for promoting modern farming methods, farmers’ support and investment in irrigation projects. Through the increased focus on sustainable agriculture, the government hope to increase productivity while providing food security and improving farmers’ living standards throughout the state.

Digital Transformation

This intent is in line with the vision of Digital Andhra Pradesh, whereby effort for effective promotion of digital transformation shall be taken up across all sectors. Resource allocation for the interim budget will involve promotion of e-governance, enhanced internet connectivity in rural areas and developed digital infrastructure. In adopting technologies, the government seeks to enhance service delivery and ensure openness in its processes while building a nation that is digital in nature.


Andhra Pradesh Budget FY 2024-25 is dedicated to inclusive growth, welfare and sustainable development. By introducing essential welfare schemes, infrastructure development and other important sectors such as job creation within the ambit of Andhra Pradesh government ensure a progressive state, which is swatting prosperity among all citizens. Through a delicate balancing of fiscal responsibility and social policy, the government is perfectly positioned to steer state development and an increased standard of living for all its citizens.


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