The Rise of Yashasvi Jaiswal: A Promising Talent in Indian Cricket

Yashasvi Jaiswal | Image Source: Instagram/yashasvijaiswal28

The Rise of Yashasvi Jaiswal: A Promising Talent in Indian Cricket

There has always been a tradition in Indian cricket of bringing up new and exceptional talents. Now, after world famous names, we have the latest sensation, Yashasvi Jaiswal, from cricket powerhouse of India. The pure talent, brilliance, and extraordinary potential which Jaiswal possesses has drawn great attention of the fans and experts alike. In this article, we will look inside Yashasvi Jaiswal’s road to fame, examine his pathway, and consider how he differs from some other cricket legends.

Early Life and Struggles

The life experience of Yashasvi Jaiswal, however, tells of determination and resilience. Jaiswal took birth on 28th of December, 2001, in Suri, a mini district among Uttar Pradesh. Hence, Jaiswal had an insignificant upbringing. His family was in the dire financial situation, and at the age of eleven, he moved to Mumbai wishing to become a cricketer.

Jaiswal's progress in Mumbai was not a straight one. This is how he was thrown out on the street to work as a street vendor, for survival purposes, and whenever he could manage, he would play cricket. In spite of immense challenges Jaiswal never lost the desire for this game.

Rising through the Ranks

Jaiswal's skills did not remain unseen for very long as well. Through his success in school cricket and age-group competitions, he managed to impress the eye of a few local coaches and team selectors. Yet his easy runs and his beauty of stroke always gave him the edge with the players of his time.

Jaiswal proved his worth in the global cricket arena in 2019 by becoming the youngest ever batsman to reach the landmark of a List A double century. From Mumbai in the Vijay hazare trophy, he banged an unbeaten 203 runs off 154 balls and that was the time when the world just realized his potential. This splendid spirit made him popular at the national stage and ensured him a place in the India junior team.

U-19 World Cup Success

Jaiswal's journey to stardom was complete with his selection for the India team in the 2020 ICC Under-19 World Cup held in South Africa. He was the one who shaped the tournament into the success story through top 400 runs in 6 matches as the highest run-getter. As the South Africa's Team Captain, the pressure on Jaiswal to lead from the front and deliver match-winning performances contributed substantially to his being named as the Player of the Tournament.

His Marking the Deck of Test Cricket

Just on the back of his victory at the U-19 World Cup, the Indian Test squad picked Jaiswal's talent. He got his first opportunity to face the England side during the second match of the series. In fact, in his second Test match; Jaiswal mesmerized us all with his outstanding batting and earned a double century. His constructive batting, remarkable shooting, and capability of construction of prolonged innings left the world of cricketing in awe.

Comparisons with Cricket Legends

The rise of his performances to stardom, smeared between Sir Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar, drew striking comparisons between Yashasvi Jaiswal and them. But, besides that, the Indian cricketer Virendra Shewag thinks that it is too soon to conclude them. Sehwag appreciates Jaiswal's talent as well as advises him to be careful otherwise it will be faster than he could anticipate for the young batsman to make his own imprint in the game.

Sehwag's Perspective

Virender Sehwag, who is a blunt speaker, commented on Jaiswal s performance and his rising reputation as a result of this comparison. He lauded Jaiswal as a very capable batsman and at the same time emphasized that making comparisons would be unfavourable at this duration of his career.

According to Sehwag, development of Jaiswal as a footballer and the time for his growth should be the main idea and the enormous weight of expectations should not be involved here. He expressed the need for letting the young players to imbibe that feeling of playing cricket, grow in the same, and play their natural game.

International versus franchise cricket – having to play them both!

Besides, he opined about the inclining discussion that there is a balance between international cricket and franchised tournaments like IPL. He is a staunch supporter of the fact that one should always represent the country before any league even as it means a loss of wages. Sehwag highlights the importance of an international above the club meetings.

Sehwag, however, does not disregard the temptation of overseas leagues for home grown cricketers, but he believes that a player's priority should be to perform in such domestic competitions and eventually to be able to represent their country at the international level.

The Role of Cricket Leagues in the Growth

The growth of native competitions, such as Indian Premier League (IPL) is one factor that prompts the development of home cricketing. They have taken part in creating the spirited cricketing nation systems where players are enriching their playing abilities and gaining international experience.

Sehwag stresses the participation of the national cricket boards which gives an additional structure of continuity to such leagues, thus making them more beneficial for longer term and comprehensive growth. On his standpoint, national cricket leagues and approved tournaments can cohabit amicably and to that effect make great progress of promoting cricket at the global level.

Test Cricket: It By All Means

In spite of the rise of the shorter types, however, Sehwag asserts that Test cricket still stands out as the traditional form of this sport. It offers the players the arena to provide the expression to effectively and showcase their skills with permanence. Quickness, destructive batting style and charm are attributes that make Sehwag loved by cricket fans all over the world. For youngsters getting into the test format, Sehwag is the man to look up to and try their hand at.


Jaishwal’s story of coming from the streets of Mumbai to the world stage clearly demonstrates his abilities and perseverance.Comparisons with cricket legends may be premature but jaiswal’s performances have definitely marked him as the next big thing. As a player develops and grows it is important that he channels his talents without facing unrealistic expectations. The future looks promising for yashaswi jaishwal and we cant wait to see his next game on the field.



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