Bharat Bandh Today Called by Farmers

Bharat Bandh Today Called by Farmers

The countrywide protest known as the Bharat Bandh which was declared by the unions of various farmers has received wide attention lately. Farmers from all over the country gather at one place and represent their issues as well as urge the government to look into their issues. This write-up examines Bharat Bandh, underlining its importance, implications and the prime occurrences.

Introduction to Bharat Bandh

The India Shutdown, i.e., Bharat Bandh, is a countrywide strike called by farmer unions to protest their demands. This protest is meant to stop anything in the country and to raise the issues of the farmers who think that they are not being heard by the government. The bandh includes all types of protests such as strikes, road blockades, and chakka jam by the protesters with a goal of paralyzing normal activities of the economy.

Causes of the Protest

Farmers have been protesting for quite some time now, asking for the revocation of three laws which have sparked major controversy and were passed by the government. The above-mentioned acts, specifically the Farmers' Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, and the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, were staunchly opposed by the farmers who felt that they would be disadvantageous to them and leave them at the mercy of huge corporations.

Key Developments and Impact

The Bharat Bandh has been going through many important events and has been playing a crucial role in different spheres of society. In this section we highlight the most recent development and examine the impact of the protest.

The Strike Call of the Farmer Unions of India

The BKU has led the Bharat Bandh in alliance with the SKM, which has had a great impact in organizing the whole action. The BKU, with the help of the prominent farmer leader Pawan Khatana, has formulated a call for the suspension of work by farmers for one day, and for their joining in this protest to intensify their demands. The bandh has got backing from different quarters and has been supported by the Noida-based Bharatiya Kisan Parishad (BKP) and the Congress party.

Section 144 Imposed and Traffic Diversions

In order to provide grounds for the bandh, the authorities imposed Section 144 rule in the cities of Gautam Buddh Nagar among others where people are not allowed to assemble in unauthorized places. The police announced the expected traffic diversions in Noida and told people to use the metro rail wherever possible to avoid the inconvenience. . The order revoked the use of private drones within a certain range of government buildings and banned the carrying of firearms in public areas.

Business Toll Plaza and Public Bus Service

In compliance with the strike, the toll booths in Haryana will be free for a span of three hours as the Haryana Roadways staff. The buses have not been running in Punjab as a consequence of the bandh. Workers have decided to go on strike beforehand, and it is clear that they have rightful claims which they expect the government to enact.

Effects on Transportation and Economic Activity

The Bharat Band has had a very far reaching effect of transportation, making impassable roads and unbearable traffic jams. Public and private transport services have been heavily impacted, thus passengers are facing difficulties. Apart from that the agricultural work, linked to the MNREGA are shut. Private offices, village shops, and country industry and services are further affected.

Backing from Political Parties and Leaders

The protest is now backed by different political parties and leaders who are against the farmers and therefore against the farmers' demands. The Punjab Chief Minister and the AAP leader Bhagwant Mann expressed a positive opinion about the farmers by their protest and disapproved the use of force by security agents. Congress party is also backing the strike, that is, highlighting the fact that the govt. needs to address the genuine problems faced by farmers.

The Road Ahead

While the Bharat Bandh goes on, the farmers and the administration that are involved in the dispute have to deal with the difficulty of finding a solution to the problem. This single-day strike will manifest as a tool which brings farmers together in displaying the strength of solidarity and protesting for their rights. On the other hand, however, it is important that dialogue and negotiations are facilitated so that the needs of all the interest involved are considered.

Next Round of Talks

During the discussions lasting for five hours, the representatives of the farmer unions and the union ministers failed to find common ground. Also, a further meeting is slated for February 18, 2018, and this next round could see the two sides identify areas of common ground and seek suitable solutions.

The Bharat Bandh: The Significance

The Bharat bandh represents the solidarity and persistence of farmers coming from diverse corners of India who have come up to protect their rights. It makes the point that agriculture is facing so many challenges for the need of an overall reform centered on farmer's well-being and income.


Bharat Bandh has evolved into a very constructive forum where the protesting farmers can put forward their agenda and try to focus the attention of the general public. Strikes, road blockades, and that kind of thing have led to a momentous impact at transport means, economic activities, and public life.Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, legal, or professional advice.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, legal, or professional advice.



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